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Even Linked In faces competition: Graph Search is a good way, as Facebook demonstrated, to job recruit.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg insists the new feature is not Web search.Imagine receiving an ambiguous business networking inquiry only to find out later it was actually a dating inquiry. A woman shamed a guy for making one such unwanted advance by posting a screenshot of the chat conversation, which ended up getting 22,700 likes.It's a really great way to let the world know you're a creep.After years of playing a de facto cupid among friends, Facebook is no longer just dipping a toe in the online-dating hot tub.

People already use "Facebook as sort of a research tool to see if they have friends in common, to talk with that person to see if they will vouch for them," said Spira.Graph Search, paired with Facebook's Messenger and Poke apps, will now provide what amounts to a basket of dating tools.Messenger is a way to see people who are online in order to strike up a chat.It is common for new singles back on the dating scene to strike up chats on Facebook Messenger to make a match, she said. Author Strauss cautions that Facebook's dating tools may create annoyances on the site.Women may get too many unwanted advances and notes from men they aren't interested in.

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There are behavioral limits on Facebook from the get-go," said Mark Cooper, CMO and co-founder of Offerpop, which helps marketers run campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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